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The complex cases we have handled, the outstanding results we have obtained, and winning record in front of a judge – or even before going to court - have made us the law firm of choice for North Texas and Southern Oklahoma…The best cases are generally cases that Monte J. White and Associates, P.C. can resolve without going to court. Monte J. White and Associates, P.C. has the knowledge and experience to settle your case before you have to go before a judge in most cases. Should your case go to court, you’ll have the right person by your side from Monte J. White and Associates P.C.

Monte J. White

  • J.D., Oklahoma City University, practicing since 1992
  • Licensed in Texas, Oklahoma, and U.S. Federal Court
  • Practices bankruptcy, family, personal injury law, and Social Security Law
  • Formerly with Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation

Larry Lewis

  • J.D., Texas Tech University, practicing since 1989
  • Wichita County Assistant District Attorney for 7 years
  • Licensed in Texas and U.S. Federal Court
  • Criminal, bankruptcy, family, and personal injury law


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John Schenk
Legal Assistant Since 1976

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Lawton Legal Assistant

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